The Procrastinatus Video

This 78 min video is the edit of an audiovisual performance made by Emil Bardh, Olof Schröder, Emmanuel and Jonatan Moreno at New Media Meeting 2009 using Ableton Live and Resolume.

Hear the image. See the sound. The video is the result of an experiment in letting audio and visual loops come together in a live performance. The concept is to allow sound and image to interact in order to create a synchronized experience.

Emil Bardh Olof Schröder Emmanuel Moreno Jonatan Moreno


Download MP4 files and the soundtrack on


Before you use our video please contact us, we like to know who use it. Best way is via email if you don't like email try facebook.

About us

Emil is the visual wizard, Olof and Emmanuel are beat crushing music machines and Jonatan is the mix master. We have performed live- and DJ-sets together since 2008.


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Procrastinatus Soundtrack

Who uses procrastinatus


The british band Foxtrap used procrastinatus as visuals for their live show.


AMOS a band from Brussels created this fantastic music video togheter with David Muyombo and used parts of Procrastinatus

Willow And The Wolf

Sing and songwriter from Washington uses our visuals in the her musicvideo. Well edited and nice sync!

Sonic Arts Waterford

Sonic Arts Waterford is unique to Ireland and included performances, video art, mapping projections, workshops and talks in the area of sound manipulation, field recording and circuit bending.

Ballett Dortmund

Outside Down & Upside - Ballett Dortmund. We never expected this but we like it alot!

Piraeus Municipal Theater

Parts of Procrastinatus was projected on the building during the opening ceremony. They didn't ask for permission which is a dick move but we let it slide. Present at the official opening was President of the Hellenic Republic Karolos Papoulias and Prime Minister Antonis Samaras.